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LEGO Is Releasing a Bouquet of Roses Set Just In Time for Valentine’s Day

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A bouquet of roses is good, but a bouquet of roses that never dies is better.

Thanks to the LEGO company, you can buy your loved one a bouquet of flowers that will never die, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Courtesy of LEGO

The timeless roses, which include ruby red flower petals and green stems, even feature the small white blooms you can typically find in most rose bouquets.

LEGO builders can also expect each green stem to be long enough to be neatly paired with your vases at home, so you can show off the final look once you’re done building!

Courtesy of LEGO

And although this LEGO set is very similar to the bouquets you can find at the flower shop, this rose bouquet does not require water!

So while you and your partner bond over building this new bouquet, remember to stop and smell the roses once you’re finished with the final product!

With nearly 830 pieces in one box, just make sure to set aside a few hours on the day of love, to finish this fun activity with someone you love.

Courtesy of LEGO

What’s expected to be released in the new year, you can snag the new LEGO Rose Bouquet set online come New Year’s Day!

Courtesy of LEGO

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