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McDonald’s Is Giving Away Free Fries Tomorrow in Any Size. Here’s How to Get Some. 

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McDonalds is going big on National Fry Day. 

For the very necessary holiday, the golden arches have decided to give away what they make best, and that’s crispy fries of course! 

For the price of absolutely nothing, the fast food chain is handing out free fries to any customer who wants to get in on this deal with no purchase necessary, just free.

The only catch is that you’ll have to download the McDonald’s app to claim the free fry if you haven’t already logged in and made an account according to CNBC.

Courtesy of @mcdmateos

Alongside free finger food, not only will the chain be serving hot fries for zero bucks, but you can get a free fry in any size you prefer!

So does that mean you can snag a large fry for free on the menu?

One word, yes.

Courtesy of @shopseacliff

So really there’s no better time to stop by McDonald’s to treat yourself to french fries other than on National Fry Day.

And for that we say” thank you McDonalds” because now we can properly celebrate National Fry Day!

Now, when is National Burger day, if there is such a thing! 

Fans of the chain’s golden fries can snag a free fry in any size at McDonald’s by ordering with the app tomorrow, July 13.

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