Home Depot is Releasing A Cyborg Animatronic with Realistic Movements

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“Come with me if you want to live”…

Home Depot is on fire this year and this new animatronic looks like it came straight out of a Terminator movie…

The Home Depot

Meet THD 3000 (The Home Depot 3000) animatronic. Basically, it’s a cyborg.

The Home Depot

All About The THD 3000 from Home Depot

New this year to The Home Depot, this is a 7Ft. COLD HATE Sci-fi Robot Terminator Animated Animatronic Cyborg Decor Prop.

It stands 7 feet tall, has LED eyes, illuminated chest and a light up arm blade.

The Home Depot

It has lifelike motors in the neck, eye and eyelid.

Plus, it has chilling phrases that will surely add the spooky vibe to your Halloween setup.

The THD 3000 will be available for purchase on the Home Depot website here beginning 7/13/23 while supplies last. It will be $279.00.

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