Home Depot is Releasing A Giant Vampire Animatronic That Has A 12.5 Foot Wingspan

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Are you looking for the perfect spooky giant to add to your Halloween collection this year? If so, look no further!

Home Depot is releasing a Giant Vampire Animatronic That Has A 12.5 Foot Wingspan and he is one of the creepiest items you can grab this year.

This giant is officially called the Animated Predator of The Night.

He stands almost 10 feet tall and his wings span 12.5 feet (Home Depot said his wings are as long as the Giant Skeleton is tall). He is HUGE.

In addition, he has lights in the eyes and mouth and even moves.

His wings are made to withstand a Category 3 Hurricane which is 35-40 MPH.

He is one of the coolest releases this year and I am sure he will sell out!

You can get The Predator of The Night from Home Depot starting 7/13/23 online here. He is $349.00.

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