Home Depot is Officially Retiring The Beloved 12 Foot Skeleton

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Sad news… after this year, the 12 Foot Skeleton will become a vintage collectible item.

The Home Depot has confirmed that this is the last year the 12 foot skeleton will be in production meaning, this is the last year to get him.

The Home Depot

The Home Depot originally released the 12 Foot Skeleton back in 2020 and it has sold out every single year since.

Unfortunately, if you’v been unable to get your hands on home, this is the last year to do so.

The Home Depot

The Home Depot has announced they are officially retiring giant skelly after this year.

Why is Home Depot Discontinuing the 12 Foot Skeleton?

The Home Depot has not given a reason as to why they are retiring everyone’s favorite giant Halloween item, but rumors are, it’s because the company that produces him, is simply no longer producing it.

The Home Depot

Will The 12 Foot Skeleton return in 2023?

Yes. The last year the 12 Foot Skeleton will be sold is in 2023. It will be posted for sale on The Home Depot website beginning July 13, 2023 while supplies last.

The Home Depot

How much will the 12 Foot Skeleton be in 2023?

Despite rising costs and inflation, Home Depot has said the price of the 12 Foot Skeleton will stay at the $299.00 price point.

The Home Depot

You can order the 12 Foot Skeleton on The Home Depot Website Here while supplies last.

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