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You Can Make Miniature Pinecone Gnomes For The Holidays. Here’s How.

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Gnomes seem to be a huge thing this year when it comes to holiday decorations! I have seen themed gnomes for every holiday this year, and now that Christmas is right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to craft your own!

craftylumberjacks – TikTok

This is a simple project that doesn’t require many supplies, tools, skills, or even time! It is something you could totally do with kids too!

craftylumberjacks – TikTok

You will need the following supplies and tools

  • Yarn, gray looks great since it’s for the beard
  • Small wooden beads for the nose
  • Felt for the hat, they used adhesive-backed felt.
  • Small pinecones for the body
  • Small round wood pieces, or cardboard for the base
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun, or other craft glue

The first thing you will do is make the beard. Have you ever made pom-poms? You make the beard basically the same way.

craftylumberjacks – TikTok

Just wrap your yarn around two fingers a few times, tie in the middle with another piece of yarn and then cut the end loops on each side and fluff it up!

craftylumberjacks – TikTok

Then you will need to use hot glue your pinecone to a base to help it stand up. They used wooden circles for this, but you could probably use thick cardboard too.

Next you will attach the beard to the pinecone using hot glue, or craft glue. Whatever you have on hand will probably work!

craftylumberjacks – TikTok

To make the hat you can use the felt to cut a triangle and shape it into a cone. They used adhesive-backed felt, but you could always use regular glue on normal felt.

craftylumberjacks – TikTok

Stick the cone gnome hat on the top of the pinecone, then take the tip and bend it down to secure with glue.

craftylumberjacks – TikTok

The final step is gluing the wooden bead on for the nose. You do this right under the edge of the hat. That’s it!

Super easy and you could make a ton of these in no time! You could also attach a string to hang them up on your tree if you want!


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