DunkAroos Cereal Exists And Breakfast Just Got Sweeter

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As a kid there are certain foods that unlock the deepest and most nostalgic memories in your brain from childhood. A sugary cereal for breakfast, is one of them.

The 90’s snack DunkAroos, has officially released their own line of cereal and one crisp crunch will unlock nostalgic memories for many.


DunAaroos cereal is exactly what you would expect from their creative and colorful decorative fun-filled box to the vanilla flavor sweetened corn cereal.


Similar to the vanilla frosting that comes with the original dipping snack, this cereal has that same vanilla flavor included.


Made with circular corn cereal pieces, each piece is evenly coated with what looks like pink, blue, and purple sprinkles!


Just imagine the milk at the end of this cereal bowl; I’m imagining a wonderful mixture of vanilla and maybe even a few notes of birthday cake from the added sprinkles.


So, if you’re itching to unlock a childhood memory and to have a taste of nostalgia in the morning, you can currently find the 11.3 ounce box from General Mills on Meijer’s website!


We all deserve to feel like a kid once and a while!

Courtesy of Meijer

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