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You Can Now Get IHOP Iced Latte Drink Mixes In 3 Flavors, Including Pumpkin Spice

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Pre-made Iced Lattes are so hot right now.

I mean, not literally hot, obvi. They are iced.

But, they are everywhere, and I’m here for them all!!

The newest company to jump on the Iced Latte bandwagon is none other than IHOP.

Side note: Remember when IHOP offered Iced Mochas in their restaurants. Let’s bring those back!

Now, this isn’t exactly a pre-made Iced Latte. It is a drink mix. You just pour the contents into a liquid beverage, stir, and enjoy!

These new IHOP Iced Latte drink mixes come in a bag for easy storage, and you can find them right on the coffee aisle.

I love that these new IHOP Iced Lattes make their own COLD FOAM. It makes the drink 10 times better.

Just wait until you hear the flavors available. They couldn’t have chosen a better variety!!

You can get these IHOP Iced Latte drink mixes in Pumpkin Spice, Tres Leches, or Chocolate Chocolate Chip.

Give me all the Pumpkin Spice! I’m ready!!

I bet that Tres Leches flavor is Totally The Bomb as well. I mean, have you tasted the IHOP Tres Leches pancakes?!?

These IHOP Iced Latte drink mixes have been spotted at Walmart. I’m not sure if they are going to be exclusive, but check your local grocery stores.

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