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You Can Get A Finger Light For The Person You Know That Has Road Rage

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This. I need this.

Okay, I will admit. I’m a little bit of a road rage-y driver.

Like, I’d never get out of my car and bang on windows, but I’ve certainly wished a cop or two on a tail-gating vehicle.

You can now get a remote controlled Finger Light for your car, and it politely gives the love sign, the “bird,” or a friendly wave to nearby drivers.


Show your feeling instantly to other drivers in a safe and funny way! 


Seriously. This is like the best idea ever!!

This Car Finger Light uses 3 ‘AA’ batteries — that are not included with the purchase — to make its 175 LED amber yellow light beads shine bright.


It is totally easy to set up in your car. You simply clean off the window, and stick the velcro adhesive strips on the Finger Light wherever you want it to go. Press it to the window for 30 seconds, and you’re ready!!

If it were me, I’d mount the remote control to the front dash in my car. That way the 3 buttons are ready at my disposal. No fumbling around for the remote.


This car accessory helps to remind and attract other drivers’ attention, or show your love or thank you to the kind drivers, of course, flipped a bird to other drivers who do Annoying Things on the road.


Y’all. This Car Finger Light is only $35, and would make the perfect holiday gift for your favorite driver that might suffer from a little bit of road rage. LOL!

To get your own Car Finger Light, just head on over to the Amazon website.


Want to see this funny Car Finger Light in action?

It’s great!! You can see a video of the Car Finger Light HERE.

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