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Hocus Pocus Funko POP! Dolls Are Here And I’m Getting All Three

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Amok, Amok, Amok.

I am absolutely OBSESSED with Funko POP! dolls. I’m not even going to count the ones I have, because it would take WAY too long.

Bed Bath & Beyond

There are three more dolls that are about to be added to my collection, because I just found these Sanderson Sisters POP! figures!!


Put your favorite characters from Salem’s finest on full display with the Funko POP! 3-Pack Disney Hocus Pocus Collectors Figurines. A must have for any fan or collector, this set includes the witches Sarah, Winifred and Mary.

Bed Bath & Beyond

These, of course, come in a cute little Funko box, with a plastic picture window, so you can see your collection, but never have to open the box.


Or you can be like me, and rip right into the package. Ain’t nobody got time to mess with bulky boxes. I just want the characters dolls!


Each doll is totally made to look like the character they portray. The detail on these is FANTASTIC.

Bed Bath & Beyond

In this edition, Mary has a bowl of cheese puffs, Sarah has a black spider, and Winifred has her gloved hands up and casting an evil spell — probably on children.

Bed Bath & Beyond

You can get these Sanderson Sisters Funko POP! dolls on the Bed Bath & Beyond website. They cost $29 a piece — but here’s a secret: if you sign up for the Bed Bath & Beyond Members Program, you get 20% off!

Bed Bath & Beyond

Y’all, I can almost GUARANTEE these won’t last long. They are super popular. So, go order yours NOW! I’d hate for you to miss getting them.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Did you know that Hocus Pocus is getting a sequel? *Squee* It’s another glorious morning.


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