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Hidden Valley Ranch Just Released A Chili Crunch And You’re Going To Want To Try It

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There pretty much isn’t anything I won’t eat Hidden Valley Ranch dressing on.

The stuff is addictive, right?!? It just makes everything taste better.

For instance, you’re going to have to trust me on this, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried Ranch Pickles. Do it. Do it now.

Hidden Valley Ranch’s newest collab creation is a chili crunch, and I might just be able to die happy.

This Little Goat

What is a chili crunch, you ask?

It’s similar to a chili oil, but there are more crispity crunchy bits inside — like peanuts or sesame seeds.

This Little Goat

You can use it on pretty much everything. Noodle dishes, eggs, fried rice, mixed into cottage cheese, as a topping for french fries, on top of hamburgers, mixed into ramen — the sky’s pretty much the limit here.

Now, imagine that chili crunch with a little Hidden Valley Ranch mixed in.

This Little Goat

OMG! Can you just imagine it on chicken wings?!?

Seriously, I think I just drooled a little bit.

This Little Goat

Y’all. This limited-edition Hidden Valley Chili Crunch is only $12.99 a jar, and you’re going to want to scoop up a couple while you can.

To get your own Hidden Valley Chili Crunch, just head on over to the This Little Goat website.

This Little Goat

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