8 Time-Saving Laundry Hacks To Save Your Sanity

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Laundry is… well we all know what laundry is. It’s that thing that we never ever want to do but we HAVE to do because we can’t send out kids to school with old spaghetti all over their clothes.* But, there are ways to cut your laundry time down. suavitel fast dry fabric

The thing is, we all want more time. More time to hang out with our kids, take a nap, or even play a video game with our husband. And laundry can take away from that! With these time saving laundry hacks, you will get just that. More time for fun!

8 time saving laundry hacks

Here are 10 Time Saving Laundry Hacks:

Use alpaca wool dryer balls – they are all natural, hypoallergenic and save money as they cut down on dry time and can be used for months!!

Put two laundry baskets in every closet. That means no sorting!

Only buy matching socks. I have the same kinds of socks, and I only buy that kind every time. Everyone in the family wears these except my husband, and his are black, anyway!

Clean your washing machine. It gets clothes cleaner so you don’t have to rewash!

And your dryer. Not just the lint trap! Check the vent hose, too!

Delegate! Maybe your kids aren’t old enough to do the laundry on their own, but they can help out with bits and pieces.

Are you using too much detergent? Running out mid-laundry day can be a huge time-suck!

Use cold water! It gets things just as clean as hot, and you don’t have to wait on the water heater to get warm again!

*Unless we decided to collectively do that as a society, and if you guys are open to it, then I am in.




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