Sunflower Christmas Trees Are The New Trend And I Love It

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People are adding sunflowers to their Christmas trees, and my bohemian little heart thinks they’re pretty groovy.

That bright pop of sunflower along with the dark evergreen Christmas tree is a warm sight to see.

All it takes to make one of these trees yourself are some faux sunflowers from your favorite hobby store or flower store.

We found a pack of 24 of them on Amazon for $13.95. That’s cheaper than most ornaments, and you get a whopping 24 to spruce up your Spruce (or whatever tree you have). I suggest getting 2 packs, because you would be surprised how fast they get used up!

Via Amazon

Usually I think of the sunflower associated with summer or early fall. Not necessarily. That warmth of a bit of sun can follow me into the Holidays!

I’m absolutely loving this trend! It is such beautiful and easy way to accent my Christmas tree. I mean, I can still use ornaments, and be all traditional, but I can also add a bit of personality to my classic Christmas tree!

Sunflowers not your thing? You could even use other types of flowers.

They are so beautiful! I just want them all on my tree this year!!

Are you looking for other ways to use a non-conventional Christmas tree? Check out this rainbow Christmas tree!

You could also try the new trend of the upside down Christmas tree!

Need a bit of the tropics in your life this Holiday season? Try this Christmas palm tree.

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  1. hello! the sunflower christmas tree that you have credited @bohipsy is actually mine, and if you are using the photo for a profit please contact me for correct authorization.
    (see twitter or instagram @liyahbobeah for confirmation that it’s mine 🙂