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The New iPhone iOS 14 Update Is Coming. Here’s Everything We Know.

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We are getting an iOS 14 update, and it looks like this one is going to be awesome!!

There are so many good things coming, I really can’t choose a favorite. This update is going to address many of the complaints I’ve had about the iPhone functionality, and I can’t wait!

The new version of this iPhone operating system rolls out on Wednesday, September 16th, for models 6S and newer. But, my phone has ALREADY started reminding me that an update is on the way.

I feel like it’s Christmas!!

Here is everything we know about the iOS 14 update:

Airpods — There is going to be a more seamless transition with Airpods between devices. Right now, it is so annoying that I have to go in and turn on the bluetooth connection on my devices when I want to go from computer to phone, or vice-a-versa.

This new update should take care of this problem, allowing you to go from watching a video on your computer, to picking up a call on your phone, and back to your computer to listen to Amazon Music.

Incoming Calls – This is one of my big pet peeves on the iPhone. I will be in the smack middle of something, and then when a call comes in, it will totally stop me in my tracks, and take over the screen with the incoming call.

This is supposed to be fixed in this new update. According to CNN Business, the calls will now come in as a banner at the top of the screen. THANK GOODNESS!!

Mini Apps – I’m going to be honest. I don’t fully understand this, as it is something we haven’t before been able to use. Apparently they are going to give us a small part of an app (think ordering food on an app) when we need it, with the option to get the full app at a later time. I can’t wait to see how this works.

Group Chats – This is truly the way of the world right now. The entire face of the earth is communicating through group chats of some sort.

Apple announced new updates to group chats, including the option to pin the most important conversations to the top of the list of messages and mention others in group chats, similar to Slac. (WORK) Users will get a notification that they’ve been mentioned.

CNN Business

Translation App – I’ll admit, I am crazy excited about this feature, and I don’t even need things translated all that often. I think I’m just excited that it’s there if I need it.

There is audio and text from 11 different languages, and the app can translate in real time as two people are trying to hold a conversation. Pretty cool, huh?

Courtesy of Apple

Digital Car Keys – Granted, this can only work if you have a the new 2021 BMW 5 series right now — all the more reason to go out and get a BMW, AMIRITE?!? People will actually be able to start their BMWs using their Wallet on their iPhones, and I’m totally jealous!

Courtesy of Apple

Siri – Siri is getting a more compact design, meaning, she isn’t going to take over your screen when you are trying to use her! This is such a good thing. Am I the only one who accidentally summons Siri on the regular??

Courtesy of Apple

Also, according to Apple, Siri is going to have even MORE knowledge than she previously had. Daaang, she is a genius.

Courtesy of Apple

New Memojis — Okay. I’m REALLY excited for this update!! I can’t wait to see what we get with new edition.

Courtesy of Apple

Picture in Picture – This will allow you to watch a video while you do other things. When will you EVER do this, you wonder? Well, my friend, think about talking on a Facetime video, and then trying to look up what time a restaurant closes. Now, you don’t have to pause one screen to look at another screen.

Better Privacy – Does privacy even exist anymore? I am so worried about being tracked no matter what I am doing! Now, the iPhone will give you the option of giving a general location, instead of an exact location, when you are using apps.

In the App Store, users will also be able to see a summary of privacy information from an app before downloading it. And apps will have privacy “nutrition labels” showing how much or how little data they collect, such as location, browsing history or contacts. Each developer will self-report their privacy practices.

CNN Business

So, when your iPhone tells you that a system upgrade is available, get excited! Using an iPhone is about to get oh-so-much better!!

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