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You Can Get Ice Cream Cones That Taste Like The Girl Scouts Thin Mints Cookies

Thin Mints Girl Scout cookies are soooooo good and that is why they are the best-selling Girl Scout cookie there is!

Girl Scouts

They’re definitely one of my all-time favorite flavors in a Girl Scout Cookie!

girlscouts – Instagram

Now the Girls Scouts have teamed up with Keebler and have created something new and amazing.

I can not wait to try it!

keebler – Instagram

There is a new Keebler ice cream cone that is inspired by one of the greatest cookie flavors ever!

With the help of Girl Scouts and a little magic from the Keebler Elves, we’re able to bring a delicious Girl Scout Cookie flavor to summertime. 

Brian Lutz, Senior Brand Manager, Keebler Cones said in a press release

The Thin Mint cookie-inspired ice cream cone is dipped in dark chocolate.

It has that same peppermint flavor as the Thin Mint cookie that we all know and love.

keebler – Instagram

What ice cream flavors and toppings do you think will go best with the Keebler Girl Scout Thin Mints Dipped Cones?

Keebler Girl Scout Thin Mints Dipped Cones are already available in retailers nationwide.


You can get a 12-pack of the ice cream cones for about $3.69, I’m off to go get some now!


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