Here Is Why You Might Have A Hard Time Finding Paper Towels Again

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Here we go again. UGH!

Paper towels, which were in MAJOR short supply at the beginning, and pretty much the entire way through the pandemic, are in short supply once again.

I was so happy when I started going to Walmart, and they actually had paper towels on the shelves. It was like Christmas had come to the paper aisle!

BUT, now the shelves are bare once again. *Insert Cursie Word Here*

According to CNN Business, the shortage could have something to do with something called Lean Manufacturing.

This is where a business only makes enough product to cover what they think the consumer is going to use in an allotted time frame.

I mean, it sounds kind of like this very complicated thing we used to put into practice when I was in the Retail field. We would keep track of what sold from week to week, and then we would predict how to order product based on the way sales had been trending.

It makes good sense — in theory. But, then you have pesky things like pandemics that cause a worldwide shortage of certain products, and you are then STUCK.

Also, the manufacturing chain has had a bit of a hiccup, because supplies have not been available like normal (like, for instance, this coin shortage that we are dealing with). If supplies are not available to make the paper towels, they can’t manufacture the paper towels, and they won’t be available to purchase by consumers.

So, basically, people need to stop hoarding the paper towels, because this demand on the already stretched thin manufacturing of things is causing there to be a shortage, once again.

Another problem you may be running into is the COST of these paper towels. Even when you CAN find them, retailers may have hiked up the price to cover the supply and demand of the illusive paper products.

Can we just get back to 2019 stock and prices, please! I’m about ready for 2020 to just move on along!

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