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Sprite Released A New Flavor Called ‘Sprite Chill’ and People Are Not Being Chill Over It

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I like regular Sprite, but I LOVE Cranberry Sprite! There is a new flavor on the block called Sprite Chill.

I’ve been reading reviews from people who have tried it already and they say there is a cooling effect, hence the “chill”.

Image credit: Jordan Evans

This is a seasonal summer flavor and won’t be around very long. So now is the time to hunt it down and give it a taste test.

Found Sprite Chill at Kroger! I don’t quite know how to describe the cooling effect it has, but it’s definitely there. It almost reminds me of a popsicle or some kind of other frozen treat. the lime flavor is very strong and very pleasant and blends very well with the cherry flavor. i’m not typically huge on cherry things but this is pretty good! 7/10

Team Supernova – Facebook
Image credit: Team Supernova

Sprite Chill is supposed to be a new twist to the cherry-lime flavor combo.

A press release said it had a “proprietary blend of cooling agents to deliver a uniquely elevated sensory experience.”

Image credit: Sprite

But what exactly does that mean, I automatically think mint, but they said no mint.

Consumers today are looking for multisensorial beverage experiences, so we saw a unique opportunity to elevate the crisp, refreshing taste Sprite fans expect with a first-of-its-kind cooling sensation.

Felicity Boucetla – senior director of product development

Sprite Chill is available in a zero-sugar version as well!

Image credit: Sprite

So far people either love it, or they hate it. The guy below says it tastes like Alka Seltzer.

Mannn this shit ain’t it 😬#itsnastyaf#spritechill no they need 2 chill…. it taste like Alka seltzer

Chrisstyle Represents Cleveland – Facebook
Image credit: Chrisstyle Represents Cleveland

Sprite Chill will be available in stores until July 2024, unless supplies run out first. Are you going to try it?

Image credit: Sprite

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