Aldi Just Released A New Line Of Summer Foods That You’re Going To Want At Your Next BBQ

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Lets make this summer, the season of barbecuing, because we sure know Aldi has!

We just hope your grill is clean from the long winter away.

Thanks to Aldi, the grocery giant has introduced a slew of new summer foods alongside a few returning items too.

And the best part about this fresh line of savory summer food items is that according to Aldi, we can count on each summer food favorite to be stocked all summer so we can BBQ all season long!

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty of all this food but I must warn you, that if you’re reading this hungry, prepare for your stomach to growl.

Starting with Aldi’s creatively named section of barbecuing essentials dubbed BBQ Headquarters, you can find everything you need to BBQ right in this aisle.

Courtesy of @aldiusa

From several different variety of chips, to seasonally flavored baked beans, pickles, wing sauces, sweet sodas, and more, you can on count all of your grilling needs to be conveniently stocked in BBQ Headquarters this summer.

Courtesy of @aldiallthetime

Although expect to be in competition with your neighbor this summer because if you’re both shopping at Aldi to grill, your friends aren’t going to know which backyard BBQ to attend!

Now it’s essential to note that in Aldi’s BBQ Headquarters, there’s a hot and honey sauce I have to recommend.

Courtesy of @aldiusa

It’s sincerely the perfect combination of heat and sweet and if you’ve never had the chance to try this sauce on crispy wings straight from the oven, you’re missing out!

In addition to the condiments, snacks, and bottled drinks, you can also expect to see a variety of unique meats at Aldi this summer too.

Courtesy of @aldiallthetime

Chicken Breast Skewers, Pulled Pork Deli Pizza, Cheddar Bratwurst, and even frozen seafood boil bags for those of you who prefer fish will also be available this summer at Aldi.

Of course there’s also your typical seasoned beef patties and hot dog packs in stores as well.

Courtesy of @aldiusa

But when it comes time for dessert at your 4th of July Day party or family BBQ, Aldi has you covered in that area too; so don’t worry if you’re not as a good of a baker as grandma.

Including S’mores flavored cookies, Orange Cream Bars, red, white and blue, popsicles, and Key Lime Cookie Thins just to name a few.

Courtesy of @aldiallthetime

Although my favorite in the sweets section is the Birthday Cake Whipped Cream that makes any store bought dessert taste freshly baked.

But let’s just keep that little secret between you and me.

Courtesy of @aldiusa

Oh, and there’s even packs of Frozen Dog Treats for our fur-babies too!

Courtesy of @aldiusa

Aldi’s line of summer food favorites for 2024 are currently stocked now until the end of the summer season!

So we suggest that on your next grocery run, make it a trip to Aldi!

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