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Search Warrant Documents Show ‘Odd Texts’ Leading Up To Gabby Petito’s Disappearance

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Gabby supposedly sent her mother a text message on August 27th that didn’t quite sit right with her mother.

We know how our family speaks and what they call certain people and the message was not worded in a way that was normal for Gabby.

There was a search warrant presented today at the Laundrie family home and in that warrant, there is information about the odd message.

Can you help Stan, I just keep getting his voicemails and missed calls,

Text message sent from Gabby Petito’s phone to her mother

See, ‘Stan” is actually Gabby’s grandfather and according to her mother, she never called her grandfather “Stan”.

The odd text messages sent from Gabby’s phone have them thinking that those messages were sent by someone else to give the appearance that Gabby was still alive and safe.

The Laundrie family home has been established as a crime scene.

Reportedly, officers were seen carrying several boxes out of the house and towed Brian Laundrie’s car, which is a silver Ford Mustang.

Gabby’s mother also stated that she received a text message from Gabby on August 30.

No service in Yosemite.

Text message sent from Gabby Petito’s phone to her mother

Her mother does not believe that the text was actually written by Gabby.

Moab PD

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