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Meet The Deaf Rapper That Performed At The Super Bowl And Stole The Hearts of Literally Everyone

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I read a lot of comments on Facebook asking what were people’s favorite parts of the Super Bowl. Well, considering I’m not a football fan (go Stars!), I would have to say it was Warren “Wawa” Snipe!


Warren “Wawa” Snipe pretty much stole the spotlight! He performed ‘America the Beautiful’ as well as ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ in sign language at the Super Bowl LV.

Sign language is something I wish more people would try to learn and I love watching people that are way better at it than I am. Of course, he is deaf so he is brilliant with sign language performance.

Everything was perfect, from his smile to his expressions and body movements! Signing is one thing, but when you sign a song it is so magical to watch!

Make life more accessible!

I also know that my deaf and hard of hearing friends appreciate it when someone is signing with the music. They can feel the vibrations and enjoy the music, but they still want to know the words to the music as well.

He’s also a rapper and released an album called ‘Deaf: So What?!’ back in 2016. The dude doesn’t stop there, he’s also an actor and has a recurring role on ‘Black Lightning’ on the CW.

Warren “Wawa” Snipe was a theater major in college and even developed “Dip Hop”. He described it as “Hip Hop through Deaf Eyes” to CBS News.

So yea, Warren is my favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday!


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