DOGECOIN Just Hit An All Time High Thanks To Snoop Dogg and Elon Musk

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Big Daddy Musk and Snoop Doggy Dog might not seem like the most obvious pairing.

But today they brought everyone favorite meme crypto to an all time high and had milennials and Gen Z everywhere screaming, “To The Moon, Baby!”

Look, if you haven’t bought into the DOGECOIN hype yet, (and I highly suggest you do. Click here to get started) basically it’s a cryptocurrency similar to bitcoin, but instead of costing 30k a share, it’s like less than ten cents.

Dogecoin sort of started out as a joke, and is a currency based entirely on a meme.

Less than a month ago, Dogecoin wasn’t really even anything anyone thought about.

It was worth less than a cent per share.

Then people like Elon Musk started tweeting, and the redditors took on the fat cats with their GameStop stock moves.

Well, that was all it took. Dogecoin went from a joke to making people actually money practically overnight.

And since then it’s done nothing but shoot up.

Celebrities everywhere are talking about it. Even Snoop.

Today Dogecoin reached its highest position of all time .087.

The real question is, will it hit ten cents?

If it does, will you make money?

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