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Pizza Hut Just Released Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza And I’m Ordering It Now

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Why is this just now a thing? Two dorm room staples just had a baby, and the STUFFED CHEEZ-IT PIZZA was born!

Photo Credit: Pizza Hut

You are hit with the smell of Cheez-It goodness before you even open the big red box.


When you pull open that piping hot top, you find four big pillows of cheesy goodness just begging to be eaten. The squares are too big to simply pop in your mouth, so you have no other choice but to grab one and dip it.


You soon realize these extra large Cheez-It squares are stuffed with real, gooey cheese. As the taste of giant, crispy Cheez-It and gooey, melty cheese dance over your tongue, you realize you may have just reached heaven.


Yes, Pizza Hut has created a winner! These squares, which are more Cheez-It than actual pizza, are stuffed with your choice of cheese, or cheese and pepperoni. They are, of course, dippable, which gives them that extra pizza flavor.

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Priced, for a limited time, at $6.49, you don’t have to feel guilty about splurging on this tasty treat!

My inner 10-year-old self just did a happy dance. My actual self just picked up the phone to order one of each!

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