Gutter Gardening Is the New Gardening Trend and It Is Pure Genius

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Gone are the days of only planting in your backyard; okay, well maybe not completely gone. 

While there’s still good reason to plant lettuce or carrots in the backyard, there’s a new way to plant all of those necessary vegetables needed for that summertime salad.

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So if you’re running out of room to plant all of your groceries in the back, or simply need to maximize your garden space, gutter gardening is a hack to have your spinach and eat it too!

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Gutter gardening is planting your fruits, vegetables, and flowers in the long and vertical gutters you usually see at the top of every house, condo, and apartment complex.

Some green thumbs have even willingly planted colorful flowers, succulents or long grass-like plants that sit happily in the gutter at the top of their house.

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To plant your vegetables, fruits and yes, you can you even garden strawberries, many have took to social media showing their creative gardening hack including zip-tying several gutters on custom built frames or mounted on wooden fences for a more organized look.

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There are an abundance of foods that will thrive in your gutter gardening space including spinach, lettuce, strawberries, snap peas, etc.

Meanwhile you can also plant marigolds, succulents, and petunias!

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Need a gutter you can use to start your gutter gardening journey?

You can snag a few gutters from multiple hardware stores who sell them for cheap.

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So whether you mount your gutter gardens for show or plant foods for healthy nourishment, gutter gardens are the gardening hack that will take over your backyard space come summer!

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