Jerry From ‘Cheer’ Mat-Talks Employees Heading Into Work And I Need His Enthusiasm

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Jerry, from CHEER, surprised some Netflix employees by MAT TALKING them into work, and it’s both hilarious and genius! I seriously need his enthusiasm (especially on Monday’s).

I can’t get enough of his “YES, Girl!” and “You look beautiful!!” Ha!

Courtesy of Netflix on Facebook

If you haven’t watched CHEER on Netflix, you are living life wrong! It is such a contiguous show, you can’t HELP but follow it through to the end. And, Everyone’s favorite stand-out star is, without a doubt, JERRY HARRIS!


We all love him! He is especially known for his MAT TALK, which is that inspirational yelling that cheerleaders do to encourage each other to keep going, even if they want to give up.

Just watch his famed MAT TALK as he encourages Morgan, one of the stars of the docuseries, even though she is EXHAUSTED from tumbling. Jerry’s Mat Talk makes me think I can go out there and do a flip or two. Ha!


He is loud, and proud, and just wants everyone to do BETTER than they THINK they can. He’s going to get them there the only way he knows how — MAT TALK!


Oh, that we could all be a little more like Jerry! I could use some of this in my daily life! “You woke up! Way to go, girl!!”


Apple needs to make a Jerry Alarm for their phones! I’d set it to remind me to get the kids. “You can do it!! Get those kids!! Come on Mom, you got this!!”


Recently, Netflix surprised their employees with JERRY! He stood beside the office-building entrance, and MAT TALKED them into work. HA! “Get it girl! I LOVE your hair today!!”


It’s GREAT, and you can watch the whole thing, below.


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