Here’s Why Everyone is Obsessed with the New Netflix Docuseries ‘Cheer’

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Dislocated elbows, fractured ribs, hurt backs, concussions galore — these are all things that have to be overcome to be named National Cheerleading Champions 14 of the last 19 years. And, that’s exactly what the Navarro Cheerleaders are here to do!


The show CHEER, on Netflix, follows the 2018 squad of Navarro Cheerleaders, as they try to make it BIG, yet again, at the National Competition in Daytona, Florida.


I was a high school cheerleader, but DAMN! My cheer experience was CHILD’S PLAY compared to what I saw the Navarro Cheerleaders doing on the show CHEER on Netflix. OMG!


If you don’t know about the Navarro Cheerleaders, you will. They are a pretty big deal in the world of cheerleading.

EVERYONE who even pretends to know about cheerleading, KNOWS about the Navarro Cheerleaders. They are the top of the top when it comes to collegiate level cheerleading — and they are only a junior college!


I will admit, I had no clue what a Navarro Cheerleaders was four days ago.

I starting watching the show, CHEER, because I had blown through everything else on Netflix. I needed something else to watch, and CHEER had been recommended by a friend. I wasn’t committed one way or another to the show. I went into it thinking I would be a bit bored.

I was wrong.


Five minutes into the show, I was totally invested in the lives — and routines — of these cheerleaders!


You will definitely have your favorites.


There is Gabi Butler, the world-famous model / cheerleader, who has grown up on the circuit.


There is Jerry, the encourager of everyone on the mat, and my personal favorite.


Then, there is La’Darius, the over-the-top cheerleader — who often causes a bit of drama for the squad.


And, the coach who runs the whole thing, Monica, is a total hard-ass but completely as loyal as they come.


On the show CHEER, we follow the lives of the whole Navarro team of cheerleaders — all forty of them — as they try to make it all-the-way in this, often-times grueling sport. Spoiler — not everyone make it.


You will cheer along, you will laugh, and you will probably cry a bit as you watch from the sidelines. This team really works to be the best, and they do whatever it takes — even cheering with bodies that have been hurt beyond belief.


CHEER is a six-part, Netflix Original documentary series, and I will go ahead and warn you — once you start it, you won’t be able to stop. Just plan on binge watching the entire thing!


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