Taco Bell is Releasing Chicken Tenders and I Need Some Now

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The war of all wars has started… Taco Bell is Releasing Chicken Tenders and I Need Some Now. Seriously though, watch out Chick-Fil-A and Popeyes because Taco Bell is coming after ya!

Currently, Taco Bell is testing these new chicken tenders in select cities (Dayton, OH and Houston, TX) to gauge interest before launching them nationwide.


The new chicken tenders are being called “Crispy Tortilla Chicken”.

And in case you’re wondering what they taste like this guy knows how to describe them saying:

“The tenders were very juicy. They’re marinated in tangy jalapeño buttermilk before dipping in a blend of panko bread crumbs and crushed tortilla chips. Even without the sauce, it has good flavor. They’re not crunchy like the chips may indicate…But the breading is very solid and tasty. It doesn’t fall off of the chicken. The creamy Chipotle sauce it comes with gives a nice kick of flavor & spiciness. I liked these & will get them again. $3.99 for 3 isn’t bad. Would like to see them offer a 5/6 piece as they run small.”



Some people who have gotten to taste them are saying they are GREAT.

I seriously hope they release them nationwide soon because I need these so bad!!!


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