Trader Joe’s Is Selling $8 Grinch-Inspired Christmas Trees

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My heart just grew three sizes… AHHHH! Trader Joe’s Is Selling $8 Grinch-Inspired Christmas Trees and I need one or two or three!

These adorable green trees are called a “Grump Tree” which we totally know are inspired by the Grinch.

Some Trader Joe’s locations are selling them for $7.99 while others are selling them for $8.99 but no matter the price, you know you need these!

The Grump Tree is said to be able to grow about 30 feet tall and is a lemon cypress tree native to California.

After you use it for Christmas, you can plant it in the ground in the Spring.

The description of the tree is: “This Playful Conifer will leave you anything but grumpy this year… cute anywhere that needs a little holiday cheer!”

I am rushing to grab one from my local Trader Joe’s before they are all gone and you should too!

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  1. I would like to order two grinch tres ! Can I purchase them!

  2. Any way to purchase a Grump tree and have it sent to me? There is not a
    Trader Joe’s near me. Thank you.

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