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You Can Get A Chip Succulent For The Person Who Loves ‘Beauty And The Beast’

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I was so excited when we found Mr. Doorknob from ‘Alice in Wonderland’! But this is just as fantastic, maybe even better!


It takes my love for succulents as well as ‘Beauty and The Beast’ and brings them together! This Chip Succulent is made for the fans and I think I need it!

Chip is created to look just like the character we know from ‘Beauty and the Beast’. This is a ceramic cup that measures 5 inches tall.

He holds a faux succulent, which is the best kind because I tend to kill plants.

No need to worry about watering him or keeping him warm during the freezing cold weather. This succulent will always look alive and healthy.

The Chip cup has a high-gloss glaze finish and is very detailed. It’s a perfect recreation of the animated movie character.

bookclubforme – Instagram

Despite Chip’s flawed appearance, no liquids need spill from this pot inspired by the little cup from Beauty and the Beast. The faux succulent will thrive happily without watering so it’s no wonder Chip is smiling.

Disney product description

The Chip Succulent is a brand new product and I really expect it to sell out pretty quickly! You can order your own Chip Succulent from shopDisney for only $14.99!

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