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Hotels Are Getting Rid Of One of The Most Basic Hotel Amenities And I’m Not Sure How To Feel About It

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One of the most basic hotel amenities — one that we really take for granted — is going away, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

So, imagine you are at your favorite vacation destination.

You make a little bit of an untidy mess in your hotel room, and leave for the day.

When you get back, the room has magically turned into a clean oasis again.

That’s just the way it’s always been.

Daily housekeeping is disappearing from hotels. So, basically, clean up after yourself while you’re on vacay.

Now, I’m not sure if hotels taking away Daily housekeeping came about because of COVID, and social distancing.

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It could be from staff shortages — we all know this is a huge problem for all businesses. Heck, it might be disappearing because the hotels want to save money.

Whatever the reason — don’t expect a “maid” to clean up after you in your hotel room.

Don’t Expect Daily Housekeeping To Clean Up Your Mess

No more empty trash cans, no more fresh clean towels, and you can forget about vacuuming and made beds. Kiss them bye-bye.

I’ve noticed the housekeeping crunch when I’ve gone on vacation since COVID hit.

Originally, housekeeping was kept to a minimum to reduce exposure to the coronavirus — but it has yet to start back up at many hotels.

What Can You Do If You Still Want Housekeeping On Your Vacation?

There are several things that hotels are doing to ease us into having no housekeeping services.

They are cleaning rooms on a schedule — usually every 3-6 days, depending on your length of stay.

At some hotels you can opt to pay a little bit more to get your rooms tidied up.

Linens are usually always available by request — but don’t expect them to take the dirties away.

We’ve stayed in hotels where we’ve had 3 sets of towels on the bathroom floor, because housekeeping doesn’t pick them up.

While you are staying at some hotels you might have a trash service — where you leave your trash outside the door, and they will pick it up for you.

Also, you can ask nicely. Be friendly. Put a smile in your voice. Sometimes being nice goes a long way, and they just might make an exception if you need it.

BUT, you can expect to pay a pretty penny for that daily housekeeping!

There are some high-end hotels that aren’t participating in this No Housekeeping trend.

Those hotels that you see in movies — the ones I’ll never be able to afford — like the Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, LXR Hotels & Resorts, and Conrad Hotels & Resorts. They still offer daily housekeeping.

If you want to break the bank on a Four Seasons hotel, word is that they offer TWICE daily housekeeping.

Make sure you are researching the hotels you are going to stay at.

Know their policy on housekeeping before you get there. That way, you won’t be hit with any unpleasant surprises.

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