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These ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Stemless Wine Glasses Are Simply Meant To Be

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These are the stemless wine glasses that I didn’t know I needed in my life until now.


But, now that I know they exist, I NEED them!!

There is NOT a better dual Halloween / Christmas movie than The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Go ahead, try to prove me wrong. I’ll fight you.

I knew the entire soundtrack before I had even seen the movie — it’s THAT good!

So, when I saw these Jack and Sally Stemless Wine Glasses, I knew they were simply meant to be.


Each one of these glasses holds a half bottle of wine, so pour up!!

14 oz Capacity – These high quality, lead free beauties can split a full bottle of wine with some room to spare. (No more mid-movie refills!)


Not only are they stemless, but they are weighted on the bottom, so they are next to impossible to knock over.

Now, unlike some other stemless wine glasses that are out there, these glass-etched glasses are DISHWASHER SAFE!! Which is good, because Momma (me) doesn’t like to waste time hand washing dishes.

That being said, make sure you wash them before you use them. You also want to wash them each time you use them, because that’s just gross. Ha!

Drinking a fresh bottle of wine in a glass from last night is NOT recommended.


These stemless wine glasses are made by the company Smoochies. Cute, huh!!

Yes, you read that correctly!! SMOOCHIES is proud to say we are the official glassware company of the At-Home-Date-Night. And if you are wondering how we got this title, well, the wine gods of the board married couples gave us the slip.


Now, of course, you should break these out for your spooky fun Halloween night (We all KNOW that handing out that trick-or-treat candy deserves a glass of wine!)

But, you can also bust out these Jack and Sally glasses for your holiday Christmas festivities.

Nobody is going to judge — in fact, they will probably be a little bit jealous!


You can get your own Jack And Sally Stemless Wine Glasses from the Amazon website.

They are 28 bucks, and not only do you get ONE glass, you get the PAIR for the same price!


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