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Dodge Is Hiring A ‘Chief Donut Maker’ For $150K A Year Plus A Hellcat To Drive So, Get Your Resumes Ready

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Dodge, the car company known for its muscle cars, including my favorite — the Challenger — is hiring for what some might consider a dream job.

They are calling the position the “Chief Donut Maker,” but it has nothing at all to do with Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’ Donuts, as you might be thinking.

When they say “Donut Maker,” they are referring to doing big ol’ burnout circles in a parking lot, with lots of noise and lots of smoke.

Get this —

I swear, this is a real position. We aren’t making this up.

Basically, they are going to pay someone a hell of a lot of money — $150K a year — deck them out in a whole Dodge wardrobe, have them carry around fancy-schmancy business cards proclaiming that they are the “Chief Donut Maker,” and let them drive around in a Hellcat to represent the brand.

The exact job description is actually quite unclear at this time, but I’m thinking the position isn’t going to be one that requires so much decision making as it does hyping up the company and the cars. A sort of loud and proud Dodge mascot, if you will.

If you have an outgoing, magnetic personality, and you love muscle cars and all they represent, this position just might be right up your alley.

Tim Kuniskis, Dodge’s CEO, says the person he’ll hire to be Chief Donut Maker will be modeled after the brand’s ideal of the Dodge Brothers, the founders of the company. He says they were “never content to follow the trends, they were the seekers of a better, faster, more outrageous way of doing things.”

The Drive

Dodge is going to release more information regarding this dream job in January of 2022. So, if hearing the description of this job gets your motor oil flowing, pay attention and look for updates regarding how and when to apply.

You KNOW we will let you know as soon as we hear any further information. Stay tuned!!

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