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Margot Robbie Is Going To Be In The New ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Disney Movie

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This isn’t going to by your typical Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean flick.

Courtesy of Disney

It was just announced that Margot Robbie — of Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey fame — is going to be the new pirate set to brandish a ship in the Caribbean.


The new film will be in the same franchise that created the Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean. But, while this film is going to be set in the same time frame and the same world as the Jack Sparrow movies, Margot Robbie’s pirate-ess will be a completely unique pirate store.


The film will garnish its theme from the famous — dare I say BEST — ride at the Disney World and Disneyland theme parks, but it will be a completely different story than the Jack Sparrow movies.

Do we have specific plot detail yet? Nope. Do we have any idea when this film is going to go into production and be released? Also no.

Nope word isolated on background

Jerry Bruckheimer, the genius producer of all 5 Pirates of the Caribbean films, is also on tap to produce this film.


Chrstina Hodson, who wrote Birds of Prey and Paramount’s Bumblebee, will be penning the script


I am GIDDY to see this new Pirates film!! We will let you know when we hear further news of the new movie.


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