Tuesday Is Free McFlurry Day At McDonald’s

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Cancel all your diet plans on Tuesday because it is FREE McFlurry Day at McDonald’s!


Yes, I know – that is IF the ice cream machine isn’t broken. Lucky for me, it’s usually working at my local MCD’s.


So, why exactly is McDonald’s giving everyone free McFlurry’s?


Well, did you know that people actually thought the spoon in the McFlurry was a straw.


Yes, people actually tried sucking the McFlurry out of these.

It is actually a spoon and the hole in the spoon is where the machine goes into the spoon to help stir up the McFlurry.

It was such a common problem among people that McDonald’s has decided to give everyone a free McFlurry to make up for the confusion.


So, on Tuesday, May 4th (also known as Star Wars Day) everyone will get a Free Caramel Brownie McFlurry.

In order to get your free McFlurry, you have to download the McDonald’s app and then scan the offer code at checkout — no purchase necessary.

You can also get one for free from May 3 to 9 with a minimum $15 purchase on McDelivery with Uber Eats.


Oh, and in case you need a visual that the plastic piece in McFlurry’s is a spoon and NOT a straw, McDonald’s made a visual video for you…


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  1. If only the app would let me activate my account!!? That part isn’t working!

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