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Netflix Just Dropped ‘Jingle Jangle’ And It’s The Christmas Movie You Need In Your Life Right Now

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Jingle Jangle has dropped on Netflix, and y’all, it is fantastic!!

Courtesy of Netflix on YouTube

This has been such a hard year, with so many disappointments. It’s about time that we had a little hope and magic in our lives, and that is exactly what this film is!


Jingle Jangle is about Jeronicus Jangle, a great inventor who creates wondrous and magical things. His workshop is also his toyshop, called Jangles and Things. It is so full of life, wonder, and fantasy, it is almost bursting at the seams.


That is, until one of his creations develops a mind of its own, and decides he wants to be a one-of-a-kind creation. 


This toy gets Jeronicus’ apprentice, who wants to be a great inventor, himself, and turns him against Mr. Jangle. 


The apprentice and the toy steal Jeronicus’ designs and then disappear from the scene.


Jeronicus is left devastated and thinking he has lost his power to create magical things.

His workshop eventually turns into a pawnshop, and he pushes away the only family he knows.

Courtesy of Netflix

Just when he doesn’t even realize he needs her, his granddaughter, whom he hardly even knows, shows up to bring the magic and fantasy back into his life.


Did I mention, this is a fantastic musical, full of color and life? It isn’t one of those cheesy musicals that makes you roll your eyes. It is actually really, really good!!

This is a fun film to watch with your family — and in fact, MY family will be watching this on Christmas Eve, as we get the finishing touches done on the Christmas holiday.


You can watch Jingle Jangle right on the Netflix streaming service. And, you can see the trailer for this fantastic film below.

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