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‘Stranger Things’ May Be Coming To An End, But The Duffer Brothers Are Planning A Spinoff Series

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Season 5 of Stranger Things is going to be the last. *Sad Face*


But it’s not the last we are going to see of the Upside Down.

The Duffer Brothers — the creators of Stranger Things — have started a new production company, Upside Down Pictures.

And, this production company is going to bring us crazy GREAT things!

There are already TWO new Stranger Things related shows on the horizon from Upside Down Pictures.

According to CNN, there is a live-action Stranger Things spinoff coming — which can’t come soon enough, right?!?

There is also going to be a stage play. It’s going to be “set within the world and mythology” of Stranger Things.

And, much like Stranger Things itself, Upside Down Pictures is a part of the Netflix streaming platform.

Does that mean the spinoff will be available to binge watch on Netflix? I’m betting so!

[We aim to create stories that] take place at that beautiful crossroads where the ordinary meets the extraordinary, where big spectacle co-exists with intimate character work, where heart wins out over cynicism.

Duffer Brothers

I’m really not surprised, like at all, that Netflix is investing more time and energy into the world of Stranger Things. The show has been one of the most popular TV series EVER.


In the first 28 days of the latest season of Stranger Things, it clocked a whopping 1.15 billion hours viewed!! I think at least an 8th of those were me. LOL!!

Stranger Things isn’t the ONLY thing that Upside Down Pictures has on their docket. They have a couple things already in the works.

One of the productions we know about is going to be a series based on the novel “The Talisman.” If that sounds familiar, it was co-written by Stephen King.

A Stephen King story told by The Duffer Brothers? OMG, it’s going to be EPIC.

I can’t wait!! It may be the end of the story for our favorite kids from Hawkins, but the Stranger Things universe is going to live on.

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