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Bath And Body Works Just Released Their Newest Line Of Fall Candles And I Want Them All

With each day we’re getting closer and closer to Autumn.

We are now only 62 days away from the first day of fall, but who’s counting right? One of the most pleasing appeals of the fall season are not only the decorations but the smells of the season. 

I’m talking cinnamon, apple, pumpkin and many more. 

It looks like Bath and Body Works is counting with me and they couldn’t wait any longer! As the fragrance store quoted on their website “your first taste of Fall is here,” which means Bath and Body Works has officially released their newest fall collection!

Some of their newest scents are super creative this year, including Pumpkin Peanut Brittle, Blueberry Maple Pancakes, Pumpkin Donut Shop and a handful of other candles! 

I just can’t get over the detailed design of each of their candles! The appearance alone makes you want to buy more than just one candle; just look at those fluffy pancakes on the front of the Blueberry Maple Pancakes candle!

Courtesy of Bath and Body Works

Of course, familiar candles you may have seen before are also returning this year.

The new fall candles come in smaller sizes and a new collection of wallflower refills are also in stock. So if you want every room of the house to smell like Pumpkin Apple, indeed you can!

On top of everything Bath and Body Works has to offer, they’ve even added a handful of wallflower plugs as well. Seriously, like there wasn’t already enough to choose from!

I’m thinking one from each collection will suffice, okay maybe two candles, not just one…!

You can check out the entire collection here!