You Can Get A Fluffy Cooling Comforter That Makes You Feel Like You’re Sleeping On A Cloud

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Every night I sleep with the fan directly on me. I’m also one of those people who has to sleep with the covers on; I know, contradicting right? 

They say you shouldn’t have the fan pointed directly at you when you’re sleeping for a number of different reasons; however with that being said, it mainly aggravates my allergies and I wake up with a stuffy nose.

I’ve also tried running the air conditioner at night and not only has it increased my electric bill, but I wake up freezing in the morning!

So where do we go from here? The solution is a cooling blanket of course and Amazon has the perfect selection!

Courtesy of Amazon

Amazon is selling a white and from the looks of the picture, a very fluffy cooling blanket for 100 dollars.

How does it work you might ask, because that’s what I was asking myself! The cooling blanket has a eucalyptus exterior and a breathable hydrophilic fiber that controls heat, keeping you cooler at night.

Courtesy of Amazon

The blanket is also super soft. My mom has always taught me, “when buying your comforter, make sure the thread count is above 1000.”

Trust me when I say this, I have never slept better at night.

Courtesy of Amazon

The blanket is also made from extra-long Lyocell fibers, making the material feel smooth and silky; this is exactly how my bed sheets feel when I lay down.

Courtesy of Amazon

The description also guarantees the “brand-new fluffy appearance” from when you first opened it. So basically this comforter is all around high quality!

Courtesy of Amazon

I think I might have to invest in this cooling blanket because it has everything I need, especially to stay cool at night! I’m also recommending this to my roommate, she gets warm at night too and we can be twinning!

Courtesy of Amazon

Not to mention, the white color of the blanket will match the green and white color scheme in my bedroom.

Courtesy of Amazon

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