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A Festive Underground Christmas Light Display Exists And It Is An Experience You Can’t Miss

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If there’s one thing I love during the holiday season, it’s a good light display that goes on for miles.

We travel over two hours each holiday season just to wait in a super long line, eventually driving through a Christmas lights display that totally has all those holiday vibes and gives off all the Christmas feels.

Well, now you can catch an underground Christmas lights display, and you totally have to see it to believe it!!

This light display is set up in a cavern that is an underground tourist attraction 10 months of the year.

Then, when the Christmas season rolls around, they deck the cavern out with over 900 Christmas lit characters, light-racing tunnels, and streams of light that bounce off the walls, making it a magical experience.

Seriously, I’m packing my bags to make a road trip to the cavern right now!!

Because it’s underground, they can be open during daylight hours — it stays nice and dark underground!

Their hours are 9:30am to 10pm, and they are even open on Christmas Day — although the hours are different on Christmas.

You can choose to drive your own car through the underground Christmas light display. The price is $43 for a standard vehicle, and $90 for a full-size van.

The cost is per vehicle, not per person. So, cram those people in the car — safely, of course.

There is also an option called the Christmas Express. If you choose to go this route, it is $22 per person, and they will drive you through the 17-mile Christmas light display in an open top trailer.

The experience takes about 30 minutes to complete, and you will leave with so much Christmas Spirit it will be shooting out your eyeballs!

This underground light display is called “Lights Under Louisville,” and it is the ONLY underground Christmas light display in existence.

For more information on the Lights Under Louisville Underground Christmas Light Display, you can check out their website HERE.

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