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This Woman’s Boozy Popsicle Hack Is The Perfect Way To Keep Cool This Summer

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Summertime drinks are the best! They have to be fruity and they have to be ice cold! So how about a boozy popsicle?

I found this amazing hack on Facebook where a lady shows how she makes her own adult style popsicles and it’s super cheap!


Please be sure to keep these adult popsicles separate from your kids popsicles! We don’t need that kind of trouble right now!

Anyhow, we always have a stash of those popsicles that you buy by the box. I think they have about 100 popsicles in one box. These are the popsicles that you freeze at home. When you get them they are liquid contained in plastic.


You’ll need popsicles (unfrozen), scissors, alcohol of choice, and a flat iron!

So what this lady did was before freezing them, she clips them open.

Jj Faust – Facebook

Then she pours out some of the liquid.

Jj Faust – Facebook

Then she replaces the liquid she poured out with her alcohol of choice.

Jj Faust – Facebook

Then she used her flat iron to reseal the plastic to make it leak proof!

Jj Faust – Facebook

Test the seal by turning the newly sealed popsicle upside down.

Jj Faust – Facebook

Put them in the freezer, once they are frozen, clip it open and enjoy your adult popsicle! Watch the full video below!

Perfect for a hot summer day! The kids have their regular popsicles and you have your adult popsicles!

Imagine how awesome this would be with a coconut liquor! Placing this on my to-do list!

I can think of several combinations that would be fantastic! Since the popsicles are all fruit flavor, it could be as simple as a plain vodka or tequila.


Or you can step it up with some of the flavored liquors that are available. Whipped cream? Cotton Candy? So many options!


What would your combination choice be? Also, what color popsicle is your favorite? Mine is Blue! This is an absolute game changer! No need to buy expensive ones from the store!

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