Walmart Is Selling A 6-Foot Christmas Tree For Just $22 And You Bet Your Pants I Already Got One!

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Christmas Trees are expensive, let’s just say it loud for everyone to hear.

Whether the tree is fake or real, what you might be paying is usually extremely pricy. I’ve seen trees from Christmas Tree farms running over $100 and personally, that is insane to me!

Courtesy of Walmart

However, there are such things as Christmas miracles and Walmart has given the public a major Christmas present early this year.

Courtesy of Walmart

While I was currently shopping at Walmart last weekend for Christmas decorations, my roommate and I spotted a fake 6 foot Christmas Tree for only $22, which made me do a double take on the price of course!

Courtesy of Walmart

Talk about a major steal for the upcoming holidays! I’ve already set mine up and it looks rather dashing. See what I did there, “dashing” for “Dasher” in Rudolph The- oh never mind.

You can currently purchase the 6 foot Christmas Tree either online or in stores for again, just $22 and if I were you, I would currently run and not walk to the popular retail store.

Oh, and just as an FYI, you can also get a slightly taller and pre-lit Christmas Tree for $40 and another with fake snow for just $30!

Courtesy of Walmart

So in reality, Walmart has given us more than one miracle this Christmas!

Courtesy of Walmart

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