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How To Make A Face Mask Using A Sock

Did you know that you can make a simple, no-sew mask using adult socks?

We already know that you can make a mask out of a bandana.

And, we know that you can make a mask out of leggings.

BUT, now people are making masks out of socks, and I FINALLY have a use for all the single socks laying around my house!

These masks are SUPER SIMPLE to make. Are you ready?

Here is how to make a mask out of socks.

You need a CLEAN adult sock, and a pair of scissors to complete this mask.

Lay the sock out flat on a table.

Courtesy of Jackelin Tran on Facebook

Cut off the toe section. Just that toe part, that’s it.

Courtesy of Adam Joseph on Facebook

Then, you cut down the length of the sock on ONE SIDE only.

Courtesy of Jackelin Tran on Facebook

Next, you make a small slit about halfway through the sock on one end.

Courtesy of Adam Joseph on Facebook

Repeat by making a small slit in the other end of the sock.

Courtesy of Jackelin Tran on Facebook

That’s literally it. You have just made a mask. The holes go over your ears. Tuck the excess fabric in.

You can make it EXTRA “safe” by sticking an extra filter in there.

Courtesy of Adam Joseph on Facebook

I would NOT recommend a paper towel, but instead try squares of cotton fabric, a CLEAN coffee filter, a cut vacuum filter, a shop towel, or even a folded up bandana inside for extra protection.

You want to be able to breathe, but the more filtration you have in there, the better.

Make SURE the filter you are using does NOT contain fiberglass!

This masks might not be beautiful to look at — or they could be, depending on the sock — but they are definitely better than not having a mask at all.

Polish Guide

Tuesday 15th of September 2020

I am normally a linguistics guy, but am fond of what a detailed guide you made here today. You could learn alot from this. Very Polished detail.


Sunday 12th of July 2020


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Sincerely, James Hopkins


Wednesday 17th of June 2020

I have a friend with arthritis in his hands and he cannot put the elastic around the ears. Do you know of any pattern for maybe and over the head type of mask not having to use the hands to manipulate over the ears?

Annie Artis

Tuesday 19th of May 2020

Cant see the picture


Friday 10th of April 2020

I love the idea, but the person's hands are covering the sock so you really cannot see exactly what they are cutting. Also, a picture at the end of someone wearing it would help with the visual