10 Easy Hacks To Track Your Water For The Day

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I don’t know about you, but getting in those required ounces of water per day is a STRUGGLE!! I had to come up with some pretty clever ways to track how much water I am supposed to have VS. how much I actually drink.

10 Easy Ways To Get In Your Water For The Day

1) Water Bottle That Shows How Many Glasses You Have Had

I will admit it. I need to make it SUPER easy for myself when it comes to tracking water. If it’s not easy, I won’t do it.

Courtesy of Amazon

I have had to get a water bottle, from Amazon, that I can fill with water. It counts how many glasses I consume, and takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out how many ounces I’ve had for the day.

Courtesy of Amazon

2) A Water Counter That Hangs From Your Water Bottle

We found the coolest water counter on Etsy that hangs from your water bottle, and of course, I bought one — with a turtle charm.

Courtesy of RockYourHappy

This water counter is made by 11-year-old Leah, and she is a genius!!

Courtesy of RockYourHappy

All you do is move one of the beads down the leather charm holder every time you finish the water in your bottle. You’ll have your ounces drank before you even know it!

Courtesy of RockYourHappy

3) Rubber Bands Around Your Wrist

This is an easy trick that I sometimes use to track my water intake for the day. I’ll put a rubber band around my wrist for each glass of water I need to drink per day.

As I drink each glass, I take off a rubber band. Then when I’m out of rubber bands on my wrist, I know I’ve met my goal. It’s super easy!!

You can even get your kids involved, and have them custom make you some rubber band tracker bracelets on the Rainbow Loom!

4) Keep Track In Your Day Planner

Sometimes it helps to see a goal on paper. I often employ the use of my day planner to track the ounces of water that I need to drink. It is simple, straight forward, and helps immensely.

5) Keep Track In An App, Like MyFitnessPal

Some days, it helps to keep track of my water in an app. I use MyFitnessPal (it’s free), but you can use whatever app works for you.

Courtesy of MyFitnessPal

You just go to “diary,” and it gives you the option to track your water. Easy Peasy!!

Courtesy of MyFitnessPal

6) Schedule Drinking That Water

Set a plan for drinking that water during the day. Tell yourself that you are going to drink XX amount of water every XX hours, and then stick to it. For example, decide you are going to drink 6 oz of water every hour. Then, keep that up for 8 hours.

7) Keep A Pitcher With The Water You Need To Drink In Your Fridge

If you are super organized, you can use a pitcher in your refrigerator. Put the amount of water that you need to drink for the day in this pitcher. Then, simply pour your glasses of water out of this pitcher. When it’s gone, you know you’ve had your ounces for the day!

8) Set An Alarm On Your Phone

I use this all the time — for more than just water. I set all kinds of alarms on my phone. If I physically have to stop and turn off an alarm, I am more apt to follow through and walk to the kitchen for some water!

9) Set Triggers For Yourself

This one is easy to do. Set certain triggers for drinking water.

Examples could include drinking a few sips of water every time you get an email, or drinking a few gulps of water every time your TV program goes to commercial, or when your child says, “MOMMY!!,” it’s time to drink some water. Do what works for you!!

10) Make Drinking That Water Easier

This one is my FAVORITE, so I have saved it for last. I hate drinking water. I mean, I HATE it. It is so bland.

I have to add things to my water, like orange slices, lemon slices, squeezed lime, apple slices, raspberries, even cucumber that will infuse into the water and add flavor.

I have started using Mio. It is a sugar free “liquid water enhancer” for any beverage, and just the SLIGHTEST bit of Mio flavors up the drink nicely!! Trust me, I can’t STAND sugar free things, and I like Mio.

Courtesy of Walmart

I don’t care if my momma says its not good for me, I drink the heck outta some sun tea. I make a pitcher in the morning, and go through it during the day. HELLO, it’s made with like 32 ounces of water. It can’t be bad for me to ingest that much water!!*

* I’m not a doctor. If in question, check with your physician to see if this is okay.

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