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Rainbow Looms Are Making A Comeback And It Makes Me So Happy

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We were told, by a teenager in the KNOW, that Rainbow Looms are making quite the comeback! I love Rainbow Looms. They are so bright, and so much fun.


They are a super fun, totally easy, and a relatively inexpensive way for kids to spend their time! I mean, I’d much rather buy a Rainbow Loom for $10 to $20, than a piece of electronics that can cost upwards of $400!


When I was having to go through Occupational Therapy, the OT Tech had me work on a Rainbow Loom to try and get back the dexterity in my fingers and to work on my hand eye coordination. Think of how great these are for kids!


No experience? No problem! Includes 8x double-sided high-quality instruction MANUALS designed to guide you from easy to advance rubber band bracelet making. (7x) Rainbow Loom bracelet instructions and (1x) Mini loom instruction manual. You will build the skills needed to create all kinds of designs and Rainbow Loom creations.


Everything is included! Rainbow Loom, Mini Loom, 1,800+ rubber bands, 75+ c-clips, all NEW bracelet display rack and printed instructions to create eight amazing designs. Additional instructions can be found at our Instructions page.The kit also comes with a organizer case for storage and a handle for easy travel use.

Amazon Delux Model Rainbow Loom

I am pretty excited that this fun craft is coming back! My daughter is too young to remember the craze from the first time around, and this is like a NEW Rainbow Loom craze for a new generation!


I love that it not only works on fine motor skills, but it forces kids to make creative choices, but that is the nurse in me coming out. Ha! I also love that it’s just plain good fun.


You can get your Rainbow Looms right on the Amazon website. They start at 5 bucks for a basic model, and go up to 25 bucks for the super-dee-duper decked out version — called the Mega.


If you aren’t sure if your child will like this bracelet making kit — which they will LOVE — you can start with the basic model, and go up from there.


But, be prepared for obsessive HOURS of bracelet making fun! Ha!


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