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This 11-Year-Old Girl Invented A Water Intake Tracker And It Is Pure Genius

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Leah is the 11-year-old genius behind the RockYourHappy store on Etsy.

Courtesy of RockYourHappy

I remember when I was about 11 years old. I always wanted to be a talented crafter, who made money selling my wares.

I would put together different kinds of clip on earrings using colorful paper clips, but this was in a pre-Etsy world, and I didn’t have the wherewithal to even begin to know how to market and sell my creations.

Meet Leah. She is the awesome inventor, and brains behind the creations on the RockYourHappy Etsy Shop, and get this — she is only 11 years old! She has found a great way to put her entrepreneurial spirit action.

Courtesy of RockYourHappy

Her mom, Kristen, manages the RockYourHappy Etsy shop, and Leah spends her time doing the creating. And, she does an AWESOME job at coming up with ah-mazing creations!

Courtesy of RockYourHappy

Leah came up with theses cool Water Intake Habit Trackers, and they are about the best idea I have ever heard of for tracking the glasses of water you have per day!

Courtesy of RockYourHappy

She makes each one with suede rope, beads, and she even gives you the option for a lobster claw on the end to attach the tracker to your water bottle. She is one brilliant little lady!

Courtesy of RockYourHappy

Leah is my 11 year old daughter who is the brains and the creator behind the Water Bottle Intake Trackers! When you buy a water bottle tracker, you are supporting a super young entrepreneur at heart! She’s so grateful for your support!

Kristen Doyle, Manager of RockYourHappy shop on Etsy
Courtesy of RockYourHappy

You can get your OWN RockYourHappy Water Intake Habit Tracker from Leah on her Etsy site. They will run you 10 bucks for a premade tracker, or you can design your own water tracker for 12 bucks.

Courtesy of RockYourHappy

Shipping is FREE, which you know I LOVE. I got 2 for my different water bottles! I am so excited for them to arrive!

Thank you, Leah, for coming up with such an original and simple way to solve the problem of tracking our water intake! You are going to go along way in the world.


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