Target Is Selling A Mini USB Vacuum That Actually Sucks Things Up

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For the crumbs left behind in your vehicle from that one late McDonald’s trip you just had to have, this is for you.

Introducing a miniature version of the cleanup tool that’s currently sitting in your closet at home, the Mini USB Vacuum!

A small pink and white vacuum made for picking up messes in the car, there’s no need to worry about finding a vacuum station with this little guy handy.

Omitting the need for an outlet, this tiny vacuum uses the USB port in your car to simply turn and off when you’re finished.

For cleaning small messes and well, tinier messes, this USB vacuum can pick up crumbs in the seat, dust on the dashboard or dirt hidden in the front console.

Simply stash away in your car and bring out only when needed, the only thing that’s better about a personal vacuum at the ready for you car is the price of this item!

Currently stocked on Target shelves in the bullseye section, this mini USB vacuum is only five bucks!

And if you can’t find it at Target, you can also order one online at Amazon!

Courtesy of Amazon

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