Coca-Cola With Coffee Is Coming in Three Flavors And I Can’t Wait

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Now THIS is the kick of caffeine I need. Coca-Cola made with coffee is coming, and everyone needing a pick-me-up just cheered.

I’m going to be honest. I’m scared of the flavor. It is either going to be crazy good, or it will taste like feet. Ha! I joke. You KNOW it will be tasty, coming from a soda like Coca-Cola.

The Coca-Cola coffee is going to come in three flavors: Vanilla, Dark Blend, and Caramel. I want to try a case of the vanilla flavor, STAT!

Here is why I’m totally rooting for this hybrid soda:

It will have that sweetness that the Coca-Cola brings — but it shouldn’t be OVERLY sweet. That sounds good!

Also, according to my local Barista, the carbonation in the soda will make the caffeine absorb into the body quicker. That is the theory behind nitro coffee — which is nitrogenated, like a beer on tap. It is that kick of bubbles that helps the caffeine work better — er, quicker?

If THAT is the case, I’m all for this Coca-Cola coffee! Bring on the caffeine!

I will be the first in line to give this new hybrid soda a chance! I love coffee, and I love soda, so I’m hoping for only good things!

This new Coca-Cola with coffee is supposed to hit shelves in April. I’m going to be needing the Easter Bunny to leave me a can of EACH flavor in my Easter basket this year.

Courtesy of CandyHunting on Instagram

Each 12 ounce can will cary 70 calories, which fits into most diets PERFECTLY! Get ready for this GREAT hybrid of soda and coffee. I know I’ll be watching the grocery shelves starting April 1st, will you?

I’m also totally looking forward to the Dr. Pepper Cream Soda Flavor! It’s going to be a tasty 2020!

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