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Here’s How You Can Make Mini Pumpkin Pies Out of Cheese and Crackers For The Cutest Thanksgiving Appetizer

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Ran out of pumpkin to make pumpkin pie?

Turns out, you don’t need pumpkin to make the pie after all.

Courtesy of @gariannestable

Thanks to several TikTokers who showed us this Thanksgiving hack, there’s no need to panic if you ran out of pumpkin in a can because all you need is cheese and crackers.

Courtesy of @gariannestable

And no that’s not a typo, this year’s pumpkin pie can be crafted with just cheese and crackers!

Courtesy of @theboardloon

To make your “pumpkin pie”, grab a block of cheddar cheese and two types of crackers from the pantry including pre-molded crackers that are shaped as triangles and the classic box of square crackers.

Courtesy of @gariannestable

The cheddar will act as the pumpkin to your pie and the crackers, well that will be your crust!

Courtesy of @gariannestable

Cut triangles of cheddar cheese to fit the mold of your triangular cracker and use a square cracker (preferably one with wavy edges), as the backing for your pie just like grandma’s.

Courtesy of @gariannestable

Use a dollop of cream cheese to make it look like whipped cream, and now you have a finished plate of mini pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving that will work great as an appetizer for guests or just for the family!

Courtesy of @gariannestable

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