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‘Char-Fluteries’ Are The New Food Trend That’ll Make You Feel Fancy AF As You Munch

If 2020 was a food trend, it would be a charcuterie board.

All year long people have created all sorts of tasty charcuterie boards. Everything from hot cocoa boards to themed Valentine’s Day boards.

With that being said, there is a new food trend and this one will make you feel fancy AF as you munch. It’s dubbed the ‘Char-Fluterie’.

As the name implies, this is a champagne flute or champagne glass filled with snack items like you’d stick on a charcuterie board.

These make the perfect individual snack and look so fancy. I mean, when do you not feel fancy with a champagne glass in your hand?

Aside from celebrating the new year, I think these would be so fun and perfect for baby showers, birthday parties and really, any time you want to feel fancy and have a snack.