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Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Boards Are A Thing Because The Way to Someone’s Heart is Through Their Stomach

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I LOVE that charcuterie boards are trending, because I think they are phenomenal. Between looking aesthetically pleasing and having so many tasty choices, what is there not to like?

So I think it is safe to say we need some of these for every single holiday. It seems to be happening, and I am totally here for it!


Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Boards are starting to pop up all over the place and I couldn’t be more excited. What’s a better way to say “I love you” than with food?


Can you imagine a loved one bringing one of these bad boys to you? I’m drooling at the thought. (someone tag my husband on here). Breakfast in bed is one thing but this takes it to a whole new level!


Not to mention this would make an amazing spread for a party! Even if it’s national single’s day! (Believe me, I’ve been there).


If charcuterie boards ever go out of style, I won’t be very happy about it. I need these in my life…always.


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