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You Can Get A Candle Based Off Of Your Favorite Harry Potter Character, Accio Them To Me!

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Is anyone else a MASSIVE Potterhead? Just me? I doubt it. The Harry Potter series has taken the world by storm and warmed many hearts over the years.

As an avid Potterhead, I am always looking for new and exciting products to further my obsession. And I have found a perfect new addition to my collection!


You can get a Harry Potter candle inspired by your favorite character! They also have candles for different scenes and locations within the series!

That Cool Candle Co

How incredible would it be to have your favorite character come to life in your room? The chance to bottle their scent? Um, sign me up.

That Cool Candle Co

I love the idea of this candle above “Visiting the Weasley Household”. I would love to be taken in by their family, so I can only imagine the warmth and love that would translate through that smell!

That Cool Candle Co

Or maybe for you Draco obsessed, you can get one of these to help you feel a smidge bit closer to him!

That Cool Candle Co

They are still working on coming out with a scent for each character, but the lineup available so far is already phenomenal! I spoke with them about acquiring a Snape candle to further my obsession and one is already in the works!

That Cool Candle Co

So be sure to stop by the That Cool Candle Co website and get yourself one of these amazing candles and further the Potterhead within you!

That Cool Candle Co

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